Date 6th January 2019
Tickets sold 96
Winning Number 22
Prize £29.00
Winner JJ
Member present Yes
Card Selected 9 of Hearts
No. of cards next week 32
Next weeks Jackpot £343.00


Draw is available to members only.

The draw takes place on Sunday afternoon.

Tickets are sold throughout the week.

Names are entered on a sheet each week against each number. The maximum tickets per member is £10 per draw.

Cost is £1 per number.

The pot is divided into 30% to winner, plus if the member is present at the draw; beer tickets to spend over the bar – value £10

30% goes to the jackpot.

10% goes to a reserve jackpot, which is transferred to become the next jackpot, once the current jackpot has been won.

The draw starts with 53 cards and reduces each week by one card, until there are only 5 cards remaining.

First: All numbers sold are entered and the winner is announced from the names on the sheet

Second: The total number of cards are entered and a ‘draw number’ is picked from random. The cards are shuffled and turned over until the ‘draw number’ amount of cards have been drawn. If the final card turned is the joker then the jackpot is also won. If not, then the cards are reduced by 1 for the next week’s draw.

Errors and omissions excepted – please ask a committee member for full rules and terms.